Welcome to the new Stream Closed Captioner! This is a complete rewrite of the entire app from the ground up with speed and scalability in mind.

The objective of the new Stream Closed Captioner is to combine all existing features into an all-in-one dashboard to make it easier to use. Want to send captions to the Twitch extension and Zoom? No problem! Like to use OBS WebSocket and turn off captions for the Twitch extension? Go for it! Or turn on all 3 and send your captions everywhere.

My hope is that with this new rewrite, Stream Closed Captioner becomes a more stable application that can support what I would like it to do in the future. If you're curious about what's under the hood of the new rewrite, it's the same technology WhatsApp and Discord use to help them run a speedy application.

I have high hopes of what's to come and I hope you enjoy the new change. Please reach out to me through Twitter or Discord if you have any questions or need help.

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